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Aim of Privacy/Protection of Personal Data and Communication Permission

Privacy/Protection of Personal Data Policy explains;

  1. The type of data being collected over the on-line villa renting platform “” that belongs to Azura Homes (“Halis YANILMAZ”)

  1. how these personal datas are used,

  1. with whom “”’can share your personal data

  1. What your rights on your personal data processed by “"' and how you can use these rights,

  1. How you can change your preferences about receiving commercial e-mails,

Your Personal Data Being Processed, The Aim and Reference Point of Personal Data Processing”, the online villa rental platform that belongs to Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ, in order to serve better to its members and in terms of the Law Number 5651 that Regulates the Media Broadcasted on Internet and Crimes Related to these Media and related secondary legislations, Law Number 6563 that regulates Electronic Commerce and secondary legislations, Turkish Criminal Law No. 5237 and Protection of Personal Data Law No. 6698 and within the frame of the service standards and legal responsibilities based on the related legislations, demands your personal data (name, surname, birthdate, GSM No., landline No., e-mail, sex, address, all personal data that the user will allow the connection through social media accounts but not limited to them) in order to be able to accomplish above mentioned aims and legal responsibilities and to serve you better and to use the relevant data in statistical research. These personal data, following your acceptance, will be processed and kept with all precautions taken within the above mentioned Privacy/Protection of Personal Data Policy and Communication Authorization.In order to let you benefit from the services of,  upon your confirmation, all this personal data, will be processed and kept with all precautions taken within the above mentioned Privacy/Protection of Personal Data Policy and Communication Authorization.

Your Rights Concerning Your Personal Data


If you want to learn which personal data of yours are processed, whether they are used in terms of the mentioned aim, if you want to learn the national or international third parties with whom the data is shared, if your personal data is false or there are changes to be made on your personal data and if you want to change, update and/or erase such date, if you request the third parties to be informed about such issues you may use the contact details in website, mobile application and mobile site. All your rights are reserved in terms of Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, Item 11.

Duration of Keeping the Personal Data

In terms of the Law No.6563 that Regulates the Electronic commerce, all records that are related to deauthorizaiton will be kept for 1 year from today; all records related to the content of the commercial electronic mail and all records related to the mail shall be kept for 3 years so that in case of a request, the record will be shared with the relevant ministry. After the expiry date, all your personal data will be erased, destroyed or made anonymous.

Sharing the Personal Data with Legal Entities

Azura Home HalisYanılmaz will be sharing your data about your visiting or being a member of and surfing activities, in order to protect you or fulfil the responsibility of Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ in front of the laws (such as act against crime and threat to the government or the public, but not limited to, in conditions where Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ has the responsibility to inform legally or administratively) with public entities that have been authorized to request such data.

Precautions to Protect the Personal Data

Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ takes all the necessary precautions in order to prevent unauthorized access to the personal data or loss of these data, misuse of the data, revealing of the data, changing of the data or erasing of the data. Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ uses generally accepted technology standards such as firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when storing the personal data.In addition to these, all the data you enter into “” via web site/mobile application/mobile site are encrypted using SSL.
Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ undertakes to keep all your personal data secret and will take all the technical and administrative precautions and show the necessary attention for the security of your personal data. Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ takes all the necessary precautions to protect the data however if due to a hacking attack any damage occurs to the personal data or if any of the data is captured by third parties data or damaged or passes within the hands of third parties, Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ informs you and the Personal Data Protection Council and takes the necessary precautions.

Amendments to be made in the Privacy / Personal Data Protection and Comunication Authorization

Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ may make any changes on the above mentioned Data Protection and Communication Authorization any time.All the amendments become official once the amended Privacy / Personal Data Protection and Communication Authorization is announced on “” web site. In case there may be changes in the Privacy / Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permission, our members will be notified duly. Users may always update their Membership/Personal Data by sending us a request to Your requests will be evaluated within 30 (thirty) days and you will receive a written reply. Users may send all their requests regarding "Privacy / Personal Data Protection and Communication Authorization" to as well.

Laws that apply and Authorised Courts and Enforcement Offices

Above mentioned Privacy / Personal Data Protection ad Communication Authorization are subject to Turkish Republic laws. Any conflict that may arise during the application of the Privacy / Personal Data Protection and Communication Authorization are to be handled by Antalya Kas Courts and Enforcement Offices.

Communication Authorization

By accepting this Privacy / Personal Data Protection and Communication Authorization, you let your personal data to be collected, kept, processed, used and shared with third parties with whom Azura Homes Halis YANILMAZ has agreement affiliation, in order to make private promotions and marketing offers to you via telephone, SMS, e-mail and similar media.


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